Beware of Email Attachments!

We’ve all heard it before. “Don’t trust emails from people you don’t know”, “don’t open those .exe attachments if you don’t know the sender”. But hackers and spammers are using different, smarter means every year. And there’s been a surge in incidences of businesses being targeted by these scammers.

Ransomware especially continues to be on the increase, especially via scam emails pretending to be from people you trust. Ransomware is a special kind of virus, that will encrypt all the data on your computer (and often, attached external drives, etc.). Then the scammer requests various payments on the promise of decrypting your files for you. More than likely: your important, critical files are lost, permanently!

Without properly configured security on your email, you could receive scam emails that are otherwise indistinguishable from real ones. Any of us can fall for these scams at the best of times, and if you haven’t got a properly configured backup set up, then you are at high risk!

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