The Benefits of Outsourced IT Support!

As a business, the choice of having your own IT team, versus an outsourced provider, can be difficult. At the end of the day, what you want is to have your IT systems working for you whenever you need them.

The more we use computers in businesses, the more we rely on them. From production, to marketing, to science, computers are heavily involved in all steps of business. But we need to make sure the computers themselves are doing what they should be!

Substantial Cost Savings

Hiring a network administrator can cost you approximately £50,000 every  year. You may be able to find somebody cheaper, however, IT requires knowledge and expertise to be effective. Of course, you’re also paying for their office, holidays, coverage during their absence, as well as training and overhead costs.

By letting a company like us manage all your support, you reduce operating costs because you don’t have to pay for all these overheads. You get an IT engineer already trained and certified to manage your IT infrastructure, at a much lower cost.

Focus on Your Business

As the owner of a business, you may want to do everything yourself, certainly if you have limited money. The last thing you want is extra expenses, however, outsourcing saves money by freeing up your staff to focus on their core competencies. What good is having a scientist who has to spend 50% of their time bashing the printer every time it plays up!

Improved Performance

Lion Computing Solutions provides a greater level of accountability. We go to great lengths to build rapport, as we want to encourage long-term relationships with clients instead of sitting around on a job. This is exemplified in our core message: We never bill an unhappy customer.

Forefront Technology

Lion Computing Solutions has access to technology and deals that IT staff wouldn’t be able to find at an affordable price. We also participate in ongoing training and education courses to stay up to date on the most recent technology advancements.

As official partners of Dell and Microsoft. And official resellers of O&O, QNAP, INTY, and more. Certified in Google qualifications. We have unprecedented access and expertise with a range of technologies that can improve your business.


All in all, the benefits of outsourcing your IT to a skilled provider like us mean that you can run your business safely and cost-effectively, in the knowledge that your IT is sure to serve you whenever you need it – Which is pretty often!

To learn more about benefits of outsourced IT support, give us a call on 07874 672 641 or email me at Lion Computing Solutions is a trusted IT support provider, and can help you reap the benefits of quality IT support.

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