Still Sending Faxes?

Still paying hundreds (maybe thousands) a year to maintain a fax machine, rent a fax line and buy ink?

There’s no need! – Modern systems allow you to send and receive faxes online and via e-mail, at almost no cost.

Call us now and ask us how we can get rid of your fax machine – But still let you keep you in touch with customers who insist on communicating via fax.

You are guaranteed to be saving money within a few months – If you’re paying for rental on your fax line, for supplies, electricity, and maintenance of your fax machine. These costs add up quickly, and for a few hours work, we can get you up and running without a hassle.

Save space, time, effort and money! – Fax machines take up space, they jam, they refuse to work, they’re tricky beasts. By moving all your faxing online, you can manage it all on your computer. Faster and easier.


Drop us an email, or call us on 07874 672641 and ask us how we can replace your pricey fax machines with an easy, inexpensive solution!


If you’ve not heard of us before, we are an IT company renowned for our legendary computer support, based in Steeple Morden. We offer support for all your computer problems and advice for IT decisions, helping you to realise your projects. And for new customers, your first consultation is free!

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  1. Wow, I didn’t realise it was this easy to save the space where my fax machine was! Thanks alot!

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