Newsletter 2017

Happy 2017!

Hope you’ve had a wonderful new year!

If you’ve not heard of us before, we are an IT company renowned for our legendary computer support, based in Steeple Morden! We offer support for all your computer problems and advice for IT decisions, helping you to realise your projects. And for new customers, your first consultation is free!

It’s time to update your system with a new look! A new monitor can make your computer feel new and easier to use.

Upgrade your monitor ā€“ Old monitors lose brightness, quality, and pixels will die over time. A new, bigger monitor can be better to work with.

Use multiple monitors ā€“ Most computers nowadays will allow you to use two or more screens. If you’re not already doing this, it can massively improve productivity and ease of use! If you’re not sure, ask us now!

Part exchange your old screen ā€“ When we supply your new monitor.

Call me now on 07874 672641 to have your new monitors supplied and installed. Or you can email us at

Best regards,
Kahlil Chapman

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